Test Automation

Over time your product grows and the number of features / functionality you provide increases, manual testing slows down your time to market. We use advanced automated testing techniques to help expedite the process which in-turn speeds up the delivery cycle and helps you get to market faster with the same comfort as functional testing.

Functional Testing

We make sure that all features of your product will work as expected as if we were your customer. We focus on bugs which are important to your business, on completion of the testing you will receive a detailed bug report together with recommendations and the detected risks.

Performance Testing

Customers expect products to perform well under at all times, failures hurts business and can result in customer going to the competitor. We have experts in-house who can create load/stress/performance scenarios for any environment. For example, simulating 1000 users visiting and registering on a website at the same time.

Integration Testing

We find when our customers have issues in their product it can be hard/difficult to pin point the component responsible. When issues are found in production it is critical to fix/resolve issues as quickly as possible. Integration tests components in isolation, this helps identify any issues introduced during the development / releasing of the product. We use automated “checks” which run quickly every time you change a component and give you peace of mind that existing functionality works.

Custom Software Testing

Whether you’re building a web application, or you’re building a C++ SDK with Java (Android), Python or Objective C (iOS), our experts have accumulated a host of experience over different sectors and domains. We have experience in Finance, Healthcare, Map, Cinema & other domains. We can help you with your testing needs.

Mobile Testing

Regardless of the device type, platform, browser and operating system you’re targeting, we provide software testing services that help you deliver amazing customer experiences. Our experts leverage services such as AWS Device farm & Browser Stack to help you cover / verify your application on a wide spectrum of devices.


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Testing On Demand

Access to industry and solutions experts when you need it most

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Test Experts

Technical consultants at your disposal to help you identify and realise testing solutions suitable for your product.

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Project Based

Project based testing engagement with agreed deliverables or resources to help meet your project milestones.

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Managed Services

Partnership model with end to end testing services ownership based on firm service levels for long term collaboration


We are an independent software testing company located in London. We help organisations deliver robust and quality software in a cost and time effective manner.

Unlike many outsourcing or crowd testing consultancies who provide a self-service/self-managed platform to publish your testing projects, we understand your needs, tailor a solution and deliver a managed testing service suited to your organisation and product.

Working in the test domain for a number of years, we found that we could help cliefdreduce time and cost of their software deliveries by streamlining the test stage using a combination of off-shore testers and automated testing techniques. Being a leading software testing company UK, we help to deliver smooth and manageable software to the customers.


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